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A Defibrillator from SO45 – Lets Save Lives

1409649948DefibSafeAfter some careful consideration about where we would like to have a public defibrillator installed, we have decided to join forces with Age Concern Hampshire based at The Horrill Centre in Dibden off Challenger Way.

If this project is a success and we receive support from the community, we will definitely look at raising more money for a defibrillator in another vital area or areas. WE DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT

We have spent time looking at where publically accessible defibrillators are already situated in the area and there are currently none around this specific area where there is a high population of homes as well as the fact that the centre through Age Concern itself provides Day Care for up to 25 Clients per day Monday to Friday. They specialise in the care of older people who have dementia or may be very frail and also run a variety of Wellbeing Classes for 50+ people in the local Community such as: – Nordic Walking, Pilates, Gentle Yoga, Tai Chi, Chair Based Exercise, Computers and Support Groups:- Carers’, Heart Support Groups and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy.

The Horrill Centre is very well supported by the local Community with classes and fundraising events are wanting to give something back.  Therefore a Defib sited outside the centre so that it is accessible 24 hours a day would benefit the Centre and the WHOLE COMMUNITY as it is a vital piece of equipment in saving lives.

aed%20photo1Age Concern via the centre have recently received a donation for £400.00 from the Hythe & Waterside Lions Club which will go towards a Defib.  They have also held a fundraising Bingo Evening which raised £356.00.

By joining forces we hope with the support of all our Lottery supporters that we can raise enough to purchase a fully automatic defibrillator which can be used by any individual. The unit has voice prompts and visual instructions, and after the defibrillator has analysed the patient, will automatically administer the shock to the patient if one is required. This truly is a lifesaving piece of equipment. We will also need to purchase and have install the defib cabinet that will be waterproof and secure. The cabinet will have clear instruction on how to access the defibrillator.

When someone has a cardiac arrest their chances of survival diminish with every minute that passes and after 7 minutes without medical attention their chances of survival are minimal. This means that in areas where an ambulance or paramedic take longer than this to arrive an outdoor defibrillator should be installed.

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