March Lottery for James

March Lottery For James’s Wish to Walk

FB_IMG_1424092033747In May in 2012 James Alexander Mills was born 2 months premature to his loving mum Vicky Mills.  Unbeknown at the time, James had a minor form of brain damage due the premature birth.  James was just like all other babies and was doted on by his family.

The family were unaware until up to his first birthday that something might not be quite right with his development, he was normal in the sense of the word however not reaching milestones that you would perhaps expect.  After monitoring James he then had a MRI scan to determine if there were any underline reasons.

As suspected the MRI scan showed that James had a mild form of brain damage and so this is when James began Physio to help James improve his strength.

Just before James 2nd Birthday he was still not walking and after further tests it became apparent that James had a form of cerebral Palsy called Spastic Deplegia which directly affect the lower limbs preventing him from being able to walk.

IMG_24847804048505It was at that point that James mum Vicki researched anything and everything that could possibly be done to help James Walk.  It came to Vicki’s attention of an operation in the US called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) which had been successful had in fact come to the UK and was provided within the NHS.  Vicki took this research in the attempt to see of James could indeed have the operation.  Vicky was then told the heart-breaking news that this operation was NO LONGER available on the NHS.  This devastating blow led to Vicki’s campaign to raise the 50k needed to help her son walk.  Vicki amongst friends, family and the local community have already raised a staggering 18k with donations from people from all over hitting the Just giving page which is (James wish to walk).  Vicki herself shaved her long auburn hair in a bid to raise awareness and funds for his operation.

In order for James’s operation to succeed without the need for further operation due to bone abnormalities as he grows, this operation should take place between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.  James is already 2 years and 7 months old and so the importance of raising this money within this time frame is crucial.

James mum Vicki has also been contacted by BBC News after seeing her article in The Daily Echo and has been asked to appear on 27th April the Ministers NHS debate where she can put her questions forward to Minsters.  To date Vicki does not know why this procedure is no longer available on the NHS to help her son and would like to find out why this is and more importantly why certain cosmetic procedures which are not related to illnesses are allowed.


If you would like James to reach his WISH TO WALK, you can donate using the above Just Giving page and purchase a SO45 Lottery Ticket where 50% will go to a CASH prize winner and 50% will go to James & The Tree Of Hope Charity (Charity No: 1149254) where money can be used to help James have his SDR operation.