Help Hanover Court build their Summer House!


We are very pleased to announce that April’s local beneficiary of the SO45 Online Community Giving Lottery are the residents of Hanover Court in Hythe.

Situated on the bend on the way into Hythe opposite the top of South Street, Hanover Court provides sheltered housing for it’s retired residents.

Margaret Regardsoe a resident told SO45 Online that the only place the residents can gather for any community meetings is a corridor by the front entrance, which really isn’t practical!

The residents ‘boardroom’

So the residents got together and decided they needed to do something about this. The idea of building a summer house was born, an outdoor space that could be used by residents to hold their meetings and enjoy the sunshine.

Margaret pointing to where the Summer House will be built!

They have done their research and need to raise around £9,000. So with pledges, grants, donations and their own fund raising they have around £7,500 available.

To complete the project they need c£1,500. When they heard about the Lottery they wrote a lovely letter to SO45 Online asking if there was any chance we would consider them at all as a worthwhile local cause.

All of the sponsors of SO45 Online considered their request and were all very happy to help support the guys at Hanover Court and help them get over the line and get their Summer House built.

If we as a community can help them get there you will all be able to see the fruits of your generosity every time you drive down into Hythe as the proposed place for the Summer House backs onto the road on the corner.

The whole idea of SO45 Online is for all the money raised from our events and community lottery get re-invested and recycled for the benefit of local projects and local people in the boundaries of SO45.

If we can all work together and help these guys achieve  their goal then you will all be able to pat yourselves on the back and say ‘I played a small part in that’ every time you drive past Hanover Court.

Get Involved people and get your £2 ticket today from all of the usual outlets!