September Lottery for Parent Link


11We are pleased to announce that the SO45 Lottery Cause for September will be Parent Link.  Each ticket sold will see £1 go to Parent Link and £1 toward the final total cash prize.  As always we are so pleased to be able to help another worthy cause as well as bringing awareness about the cause itself.

Parentlink has been operating in the Waterside area of the New Forest since 2010 and is helping support families and young people dealing with Aspergers, Autism and behaviour difficulties. They help support families in dealing with difficult behaviour, respite provision, DLA forms, statementing and referral, but we also educate teaching staff and others in how to deal effectively with challenging behaviour helping to keep young people in school.

A growing demand for the service is to provide Respite Care, which allows the parent time away from a young person and allows that young person an opportunity to engage in some meaningful activity.

Many of their families are single parents on low income with no family networks to help them: Imagine living with a child with difficult behaviour who needs 121 supervision, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Imagine taking them shopping or to a doctor’s appointment, imagine trying to get a haircut or enjoying a simple coffee with a friend. Imagine all the time you are trying to do that your child is hitting, swearing and shouting, throwing things or trying to get away. Now add to that the fact most of these children only sleep for 4-6 hours every night, which means you only sleep 4-6 hours each night.

2If Parent Link could supply respite to these parents for just two hours every week they could massively improve their quality of life and give them a chance to care for themselves and re-charge their batteries. That’s a chance to visit the doctor or have a haircut or catch up with a friend, it’s a chance to attend one of our Parent sessions and meet other parents. Your funding would help support 70 families, 153 users and provide much needed respite all our families. It will allow them to continue their provision for longer. This in turn will provide the facility to engage young people in activities they cannot access in mainstream clubs, learn new skills, encourage friendships and support networks and give the families the ability to share precious, quality time together with support if and when required. This in turn helps prevent anxieties, stress and in many circumstances depression, which can only has a positive effect within the family unit providing necessary coping strategies.

3Importantly; the more energised our parents are the better the care they can offer their own children, the more rest they can get increases their own health and their levels of patience. That’s a win-win situation for everyone from as little as £20 per week.

All our usual outlets will be selling tickets from 1st September.  For more information contact  You can now also set up a standing Order so you are always entered in to the draw.