so45-logo-online-side_smlSO45 Online is a local community project set up in 2012.

The idea was to gather a team of local people, business owners who were from SO45 or who work here.

To then build a local community project, not for profit, that would provide many benefits for the local people and residents of SO45 & the Waterside.

It’s a lovely part of the world that we live in and the SO45 area is somewhat unique I feel.

Bordered by the Solent and the New Forest, with one main artery the A326, leading in and out of this little friendly enclave of Hampshire. (Lets just ignore the Beaulieu escape route for now).

Having lived here all my life and being born in Hythe Hospital in 1972 and having a big family around me and lots of friends and acquaintances I felt confident in the kindness and togetherness of the local people.

So much so I approached the likes of Chris Hall, Nigel Gemmell, Marc Daniels, Donna Ross and Andrea Waring and asked them for some money, with no promise of anything in return other than being involved in a new community project that I wanted to start.

Not one of them or subsequent sponsors who have joined, ever asked what they would get back, they just said yes and how else could they help.

2.5 years later, several fundraising events later, £26,500 monies raised to date and this is where we are today.

The website has been greatly rationalized, we started trying to give people a one stop place for local information on all local events for kids and adults, promote new business, give advice etc however we soon realized two things.

One this was a full time job and as we all had full time day jobs this wasn’t practical to sustain.

Secondly since starting there has been an explosion locally of social media sites that do a great job along with the Herald of communicating with the local community in whatever form of media the public desired.

This has let us now focus and concentrate on the fundraising element to the project, this is the new focus of the group.

Over the last few months we have been busy on the sit revamp, adding new sponsors and launching the new SO45 Online Community Giving Lottery.

Merv Langdale, Dave & Ness Cox, Jo Hicks, Martin Smith and Kelven Penny have all recently joined with their great local businesses to further strengthen the SO45 Online team.

We are proud to serve our community, the area that we were born in, were educated in and work and socialize in.

Enjoy the site and GET INVOLVED people!

Michael Osman                                        Donna Ross

Creator, SO45 Online                              Editor, SO45 Online